Fantasy (American) Football is a reality-basedrecreational activity in which members of a fantasy league act as general manager of a virtual fantasy football team.

Competitors choose players from the NFL (National Football League) or CFL (Canadian Football League), depending on the league. Team rosters are chosen at the beginning of the season in a draft. 

Points awarded are based on the actual performances of players in real-world competition.

There are two main types of fantasy league:

  • Traditional - mostly run by amateurs, this type of league can run for an entire season or multiple seasons if it's a keeper league.
  • Daily - an accelerated version in which contests are held over a shorter period of time, such as a week or a single day.

League Types

Head-to-Head Leagues

Total Points Leagues

All Play Leagues

Keeper-style Leagues

Salary Cap League

Auction Leagues

Dynasty League

Two Quarterback Leagues

Empire Leagues

Superflex Leagues

IDP Leagues

Pirate Leagues

Daily Fantasy Leagues


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