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Gender Male
Relatives Sofia Ruxin sister
Rodney Ruxin brother-in-law
Geoffrey Ruxin nephew
Portrayed by Jason Mantzoukas

Rafael is Sofia's brother and Ruxin's brother in law, commonly referred to as Rafi and El Cunado. Ruxin has described him as a "homeless, ethnic Santa Claus." ("Bro-lo El Cordero")

Rafi was shot to death by Dirty Randy in the 5th season. He wakes up and then is shot again by Dirty Randy 5 minutes after his resurrection.

Season 2 Edit

Although Ruxin makes reference to his brother-in-law in the first season outtakes, Rafi makes his first appearance in the Season 2 opener "Vegas Draft." After Vince leaves the League, Ruxin invites Rafi to join. Despite the fact he seems not to know what the Draft board is and, according to Taco, has a visible penis beard, the League choose Rafi over Jenny as the new eighth man.

By "Bro-lo El Cordero", the League have started to resent Rafi.

Romantic life Edit

As Rafi remarks to Jenny, "it's a numbers game for me." ("Vegas Draft")

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