The Bounce Test is the 2nd episode of Season One.
If we got a divorce, she would get half of my money, making me ostensibly poor, yet still paying her to just get pounded by other dudes, which will happen because she is still smoking hot, whereas I look like a Nazi propaganda cartoon of a Jew.
- Ruxin

Plot Summary

Pete's split with Meegan intrudes upon Ruxin's marriage, as his wife is neglecting him sexually, in order to spend her time helping Meegan deal with the break-up. Meanwhile, Jenny MacArthur and Kevin's sex secrets are revealed to Ruxin's wife, as Jenny reveals to her the sexual secrets that will ensure Kevin will never leave her.


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Ruxin: All I know, is that if I don't come soon, that I'm gonna physically get sick.
Pete/Kevin (in unison): You actually can get sick.
Andre: No. You can't get sick. As a doctor, trust me, I know.
Ruxin: Andre, you're a plastic surgeon. Okay? So the next time I wanna take butt fat and inject it into my penis, I will come to you.
Andre: Okay, yeah, ah, I don't do that. Anymore. It's dangerous.

Pete: What's your success rate around here?
Andre: What are we talking? Hand-jibbers?

Taco: You have to know what your Eskimo family tree is. That's how you get things done.
Andre: That's like, your platinum card?
Taco: How do you guys get things done?
Pete: We've got jobs.
Andre: We went to college.
Pete: We make money, and we purchase things.
Taco: You guys are weird.

Kevin: It is NOT vaginal hubris. In fact, last night, she gave me very special sex.
Pete/Ruxin (exclaiming in unison): Special sex!
Ruxin: Yay! Were there unicorns snowing teardrops of Elton John songs?

Kevin (watching porn while exercising): I wouldn't go to that doctor. This story is hard to follow.
Jenny: Hey.
Kevin: Hey. I'm learning some good moves here. It's called "the kidney shifter."

Taco: I love having sex in Priuses, 'cause not only are you having sex, you're saving the environment too.

(from Taco's Vaginal Hubris music video)
"She's proud of her pussy, her piece, her bearded ham is well groomed,
Thinks that she's the real deal, all other pussies are cartoon,
Her vagina is a church, and her slit is the steeple,
Her vulva is one of Barbara Walter's most fascinating people.
She's got vaginal hubris, vaginal hubris."


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