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Plot Summary

The guys go to Kevin's house during Ellie's fifth birthday to determine the draft order, and later, Andre throws a party during the draft itself, at which Pete announces he is splitting from his wife.

Pete's House

Pete: Gentlemen, let's just take a moment here to celebrate something that I think we can all agree is truly amazing thing. 
And that is me! As your current champion and three-time winner I would like to welcome each and every one of you to this fifth season of The League.
I love playing with you guys. It's not just that you lose. It's that you try so hard, and still you lose.

(Scene change to Ruxin with baby Geoffrey)

Ruxin: Daddy's friends think they're gonna go balls-deep in him but he's gonna go balls-deep in them. Yes, he is.

(Scene back to Pete's House)

Pete: And then you make these terrible bets that end up biting you in the ass when you do lose... Kevin.

(Scene change to Kevin & Jenny)

Jenny: Oh, dear God! 
Kevin: It's humiliating.
Jenny: I know.
Kevin: We gotta win this year.
Jenny: Yeah, you have to listen to me.
Kevin: I will. I promise, okay?

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