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The Gibiatti Siblings, Frank and Gina, went to school with Pete, Kevin and Ruxin. Between them they appear in 6 episodes. Frank Gibiatti is played by Ike Bainholtz and Gina Gibiatti is played by Brooklyn Decker.

Frank 'The Body' Gibiatti

Pre-show Biography

  • Married to 'Miss Kiev', who is basically a mail-order bride.


  • Likes to "watch ladies pee".


Gina Gibiatti

Pre-show Biography

  • Known for making Pete Eckhart cry at school. After asking Gina to attend a school dance with him in private, she took him into the dinner hall to humiliate him in front of his peers.


  • She dates Pete, briefly, only to leave him devastated again. His announced intention 



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