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I have a cats-having-sex ringtone. I have a cats-fighting ringtone. Well it's the same audio I just changed the title. I have a horse orgasm ringtone.
- Taco

The Shiva Bowl is 6th and final episode of Season One. It is also the trophy episode of the season.

Plot Summary

It's the Shiva Bowl. The guys try to hide the Shiva Trophy from their high school classmate - the actual Shiva. Taco gets a "real person job."


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Taco: What'd I tell you? Hot girl. Volkswagen Jetta. It's a law, like water, or dinosaurs.
Kevin: Neither one of those things are laws, Taco.

(speaking of Taco)
Kevin: Now I know what Tom Cruise felt like in Rainman.
Andre: You know, I did drop some toothpicks on the floor one time and he counted them really quickly.
Ruxin: Yeah, but he got it completely wrong.
Andre: But he was still very quick.

Ruxin: Why are you making your own deoderant?
Taco: I was trying to save a bit of money. Know how expensive deoderant is?
Ruxin: Yeah, like four bucks.
Taco: I know, right?


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