Vegas Draft is the 1st episode of Season Two. It is also the draft episode of the season.

Plot Summary

Andre plans an extravagant trip to Vegas—complete with Chad Ochocinco as MC—for the league's 2010 fantasy draft, but the group credits Pete to mess with Andre. The gang must choose between Jenny and Ruxin's creepy brother-in-law, Rafi, when a spot on the league opens up during the trip.


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Recurring / Minor Characters

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Pete: You can body-cavity search me all you want, all you're gonna find is Tennessee running back Chris Johnson!

Ruxin: I hate this game.
Pete: Don't hate the game, hate the player, buddy!
Ruxin: I am the player.
Pete: I know!

Ruxin: Oh, and by the way, the term "What happens in Vegas", it should be, like, buried in a graveyard of overused expressions along with "You go girl" and "Show me the money."
Andre: Come on, homie don't play that.
Kevin: Really?
Andre: Come on, let's just go check out the suite. It's so money.

Ochocinco: I think you need to come up with something more Andre-ish.
Andre: Try the veal! Child.
Pete: What was that one?
Andre: Try the veal, child.
Pete: Try the veal?
Ruxin: "I use J-Date!"
Andre: I don't... I'm not even Jewish.
Kevin: "I cry myself to sleep!"
Ruxin: "I'm an adult virgin!"
Andre: Not... not even true.

Taco: Why are you dressed like a ballerina?
Andre: I'm not dressed like a ballerina. I'm dressed like a weight-lifter.
Kevin: Why are you dressed like a weight-lifter?

Ruxin: Oh, that's right, I spoke to Vince, he's not going to make it to Vegas and he's actually out of the league.
Kevin: What? Now you tell us?
Ruxin: I just found out like a month ago!

Jenny: Did you want me in the league?
Kevin: ...I love you?

Rafi: You know my friend Mike?
Ochocinco: Mike?
Rafi: Mike Ochocinco? Same last name, maybe you guys are related.
Ochocinco: Nah.
Rafi: No? It's not so often you meet a guy with the exact same Spanish numerals as a last name.

Kevin: Could you stop rosterbating, please?
Pete: You can't just masturbate to your lineup in public.
Ruxin: Kevin, you're just jealous because you took a big shit in the pool and put it up on the board.
Rafi: Are you allowed to take a shit in the pool?

Ruxin: I stuck a little Eli Manning in there, that Goddamn mouth-breathing dummy!